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Free Quotation Request


Enjoy your money now - before its too late - re-invest in yourself...


Universal Acquisitions, Inc. would like to acquaint you with our unique service to Owner Financed Mortgage Note Holders & Settlement Receivers. Universal Acquisitions is in the Business of Buying Insurance Settlements, Annuities, other Cash Flows, Nationwide.  We convert long term income into cash now. You get the cash in hand today that you wanted when you made your settlement. We also work with existing Real Estate Contracts, Mortgage Notes and Deeds of Trust that dribble payments in monthly or have future payments pending; we can convert those payments into a lump sum today.

Ultimately, you are searching for a Safe Harbor with Security for your money or investments. Your immediate situation may not be fulfilling this for you. What service we would actually be doing for you, is giving you cash up front for the purchase of payments that may never materialize…

Structured Settlements - Cash Flows - Deferred Lump Sums

        Business Notes (non Real Estate)

        Injury Settlements

        Structured Settlements

        Retirement Pensions (some types) 

        Worker's Compensation (some types)

        Military Pensions (some types)

        Annuities, Trusts & Inheritance

        Lottery / Lotto

        Other Misc. Cash Flows

Thank you for the interest in our Company and the Service we can provide you with. The type of Structured Settlement and Annuity; dictate the guide lines of the value of these cash flows. Thus, the more information you give us, the better we can evaluate the right transaction for you. Please fill out the simple questionnaire below for us to expedite, this free evaluation. 

There are four (4) methods below for your convenience.


1)    Type & Submit by E-mail - Form
2)    Highlight Questions, Copy and Paste on E-mail to us 
3)    Highlight, Copy and Print out form & Mail or Fax back to us
4)    Call Us Toll Free & we will take the information over the phone

Option 1   (type in and submit)

Please Complete for Purchase Offer   

~ Form - Type in & Submit by Confidential E-mail - Form ~



Settlement Questionnaire Form:

Sellers Full Name: 

Phone Number:      Best Time to Call: 

E-mail Address: 

U.S. Mail Address: 

City:      State:      Zip: 

Type of Settlement:  i.e. personal injury, auto accident, worker's comp., inheritance, etc.

Is this Settlement derived from a Workman's Compensation Claim?  Yes    No

What State was this Settled in?   

What State where you a Resident at that time? 

Date Settlement was Created:       Settled:    In Court       Out of Court 

Settlement / Annuitants Age at that time:     

Date of Birth: 

Settlement Maker: 

Settlement Payer:    (full name of company making the payments to you)

Annuity Check Issuer:     (full name of company making the payments to you)

 Address of Insurance Company: (City & State) 

Does Settlement Allow For Assignment?  Yes    No  

        If yes, who is the owner of this policy? 

Tax Withholdings from payments?  $

Guaranteed Payments:    How many Years       

Or how many months 

Is there any Cost of Living Adjustments to the payments?  % or $

Date of first payment:      Amount Remaining:  $

Terms of Settlement:  

Lump Sums:       Monthly Payments: 

Schedule of Payments: 

            Date                         Amount

Are you seeking to sell the full purchase?  

Are you seeking a certain $ amount or partial? 

Your Credit Situation: i.e. excellent to poor, any bankruptcy? 

    If bankruptcy; when discharged and what Chapter?  

Do you have other Income (to support yourself if you sell these payments)?  Yes    No

Additional Comments:

If at all possible - Please send a Copy of the Settlement & Release Agreement and the Annuity Policy; for a more accurate and free evaluation with no obligation.

"Thank You" for your consideration and cooperation



~ OR ~

Option 2 or 3                                                       

Highlight, And Press Ctrl-C to Copy This Form to A Text File; E-mail, Print Out & Mail, or Fax Back to UA Please Complete for A Purchase Offer

------------------------    SETTLEMENT  QUESTIONNAIRE  --------------------------------

Settlement Owner _____________________________________   Phone ____________

Mail Address ___________________________________________________________

City: _______________________  State: ____________  Zip: ___________________

E-mail Address__________________________________________________________

Type of Settlement: personal injury, workers comp., auto accident, etc.


What State was this Settled in and what State where you a Resident then?


Date Settlement was Created _____________________       Amount $______________

Sellers Age at time of settlement? ______________       Date of Birth _______________

Settlement Maker/Insurance Co.____________________________________________

    Address _________________________________________

Settlement Payer:    (full name of insurance company making the payments to you)


Annuity Check Issuer: (full name of insurance company making the payments to you)


    Address _________________________________________

Does the settlement allow for assignment ? ____________________________

If so, who is the Policy Owner? ___________________________________

Tax Withholding? ______________________________________________________

Date of first payment _____________ Amount Remaining $ ________________

Guaranteed Payments: How many years? ____ Or how many Months? ______

Schedule of Payments: Terms: _________________________

Date                         Amount







Are you seeking a full purchase and/or partial amounts? ________________

Do you have other income to support yourself? __________________________

What is your Credit situation? excellent to poor? ______________________

Any bankruptcy? If so, when discharged and what Chapter? _______________

Additional Comments:





Free Evaluation, No Obligation...
Free Evaluation, No Obligation...
Please send your Copy of the Settlement & Release Agreement and Annuity Policy, Thank You...

-----------------------------------------    End Questionnaire Form  ----------------------------------------
Instructions:  Highlight above, Copy and Paste; on to E-mail or print out to fax or U.S. Mail

Option 4  (click to)  Request A Phone Call from UA


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