Receiving Payments - Want Cash Up Front?

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Receiving Payments - Want Cash Up Front?

Cash Liquidity


Universal Acquisitions, Inc. would like to acquaint you with our unique service to Owner Financed Mortgage Note Holders & Settlement Receivers. Universal Acquisitions is in the Business of Buying existing Real Estate Contracts, Mortgage Notes and Deeds of Trust, Nationwide. We convert long term income into cash now. You get the cash in hand today that you wanted when you sold your property. We also work with Structured Settlements that dribble payments in monthly or have future payments pending; we can convert those payments into a lump sum today.

Ultimately, you are searching for a Safe Harbor with Security for your money or investments. Your immediate situation may not be fulfilling this for you. What service we would actually be doing for you, is giving you cash up front for the purchase of payments that may never materialize…


Discount Mortgage Fundamentals

Many people are not aware of the fact that a substantial number of Real Estate transactions are completed through seller carry backs. This is where the seller, rather than a bank or other institutional lender, provides the financing for the purchase. They do this through the carrying back of a note, which is secured by the property. Often times the seller will take a first lien, or priority position with respect to the property, although in some cases the seller has been forced to take a second lien position in order to help complete the transaction. Many of the purchasers who require seller financing are well qualified but have been unable to obtain institutional financing for a variety of reasons. This is particularly true in today’s economy where financial institutions have become increasingly stringent in providing financing to individuals.

The majority of these transactions are secured by residential properties; however, seller carry back financing is becoming more and more prevalent with multi-family and commercial properties. This is because institutional lenders have virtually stopped providing purchase money financing for such properties, even when they are well secured and the purchasers are highly qualified.

Over the past few years a secondary market has evolved for institutional investors who provide purchase money financing. Historically, these institutions were interested in holding the loan for the entire term, but as interest rates climbed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, these lenders suffered serious declines in the value of their loan portfolios because the yield on their loan was well below market. Accordingly, the financial industry has developed a secondary market for institutional lenders to resell their loans shortly after they are originated. This allowed them to avoid the financial risk of holding them on the long term basis, and it provided them with renewed funding for further lending.

Even with the evolution of a secondary market for the resale of purchase money loans made by institutional lenders, no organized secondary market has developed for seller carry back financing. In most cases, individuals holding paper would prefer to receive cash for their note, but they do not know how to accomplish this. Even those individuals who wanted to carry back the paper on a long term basis will have events that occur in their lives which might make it necessary, or desirable for them to sell their notes…

Simultaneous Closings

The phrase "Simultaneous Closing" is used to describe transactions that occur when the seller is carrying back a note, as payment for their property, with the specific intention of selling the note for cash. In other words, "Simultaneous Closing" just means, during an escrow closing, that there are two (2) separate closing transactions happening at the same time.

  Documents are signed and:

  1. Buyer gets Title of Property & Seller Receives the Mortgage Payments
  2. We buy the Mortgage Payments from Seller for Cash - Assignment

The Advantage is the Seller gets Cash up front for payments that may never materialize. The buyer then pays us the mortgage payments. The Seller is then out of the transaction altogether.

Time Value of Money

This concept involves both the "cost" of money and "when" money flows in, or is paid out. Time value of money says that a dollar today does not have the same value as a dollar ten years from now.

Here are a couple good examples of the time value of money:
  1. Thirty years ago, a Coca-Cola would have cost you a nickel. Today, you will probably have to pay closer to a dollar for that same Coke.
  2. Twenty years ago, you could have gone to see a movie for roughly one dollar. Today, you will pay around six to eight dollars for that same movie.
Future Value

The future value is the worth, at a specific point in the future, of an amount that is to be received or paid today. Through the process of compounding, a current investment will "grow" or increase in value over time. Consider this example.

A new $10,000 trust deed at 10% (per annum) interest with a one-year maturity will pay $11,000 at the end of one year. Thus, $11,000 is the future value of your $10,000 investment today…

Present Value

Present value is just the opposite of future value. It is the worth today, of an amount to be received (or paid) in the future. In the same example as above, the $10,000 beginning amount is the present value of the future $11,000 assuming that the investment is to earn 10% per annum.


Assume that you deposit $1,000 in a savings account that earns 6 percent (use your imagination) each year. At the end of one year your investment would be worth $1,060. This is because you receive your original $1,000 plus an interest return of 6 percent, which is $60.

Therefore, the future value at the end of one year would be $1,060, but what if you decided to leave your investment in the savings account for two (2) years. What would be the future value of your investment? This involves compounding since you will be earning interest on your interest, as well as earning interest on your principal. So the second year you will earn an interest return of 6 percent on $1,060. Thus, the future value of your investment at the end of two (2) years is $1,123.60. You can see that the second year you earned $63.60 in interest as opposed to $60.00 for the first year.

To further demonstrate the significance of this theory, let’s assume you leave your investment in a savings account for five years. The future value of your $1,000 in five years will be $1,338. This is opposed to $1,300 which is what you would get if you just added $60.00 a year in interest. The interest compounds over time to make up the future value.


The concept of discount rate and interest rate are very similar. Where the discount rate affects a future value to determine a present value, the interest rate affects a present value to determine a future value. Discounting is the opposite of annual compounding. Assume that you need $1,060 at the end of one year from now. If you can earn 6 percent interest (compounded annually) on your investment, how much would you have to invest now? In order to find this we must discount (bring back) the future value. In this example the present value of our investment would be $1,000


Attorneys & Lawyers
Certified Public Accountants
Contractors & Developers
Financial Planners & Services
Loan Officers
Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Agents
Tax Prepares
Any Related Professional

Do you have Clients who are having Cash Flow Money problems? It just might be that some of your Clients are receiving payments from a Mortgage Note or some sort of Settlement. Universal Acquisitions can convert their long term payments into cash; and you can get paid for your services too. We can help. Just contact us, and we can provide the prospective client with the needed cash. Many individuals do not know that they can sell their promissory note. You can now help them with their cash flow problem and earn a referral fee at the same time. An Agent can make more sales and earn more commission by offering Seller Financing. When a second piece of property is involved, an Agent has a potential for second commission too…



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Real Estate Agents - Make that Sale & Get Paid!



FACT:   Many People like to buy with owner financing
FACT:   We will buy that owner financing at closing,    giving the Seller the cash he or she wants.
FACT:   If there is an underlying lien, we will pay it off.

  1. List the property in MLS as possible-owner-financing.

  2. When you get an offer, we will help you structure the terms. If there is a discount, it will be minimal.

  3. We will buy the mortgage at closing, giving the seller the CASH he wanted in the first place.

  4. We will order the Title Work and Appraisal for you.

  5. Call it creative financing, if you wish. Or, you could call it making a sale and getting PAID.

Universal Acquisitions will provide Realtors with more opportunities to close more transactions than conventional financing ever can… We can help structure Owner Financing to suit your transaction needs and have a simultaneous closing too…Also, by marketing the concept that Owner Financing is available; then selling us the Note, the more opportunities you have of making that Sale & Your commission. Instead of waiting for the conventional mortgage loan to be turned down.

Have you ever had a seller with a lot of equity in his property.... and no refinance offers? Have you ever had a buyer whom could not qualify for a refinance purchase? Have you ever had a "hard-to-sell" listing?

THE BIG QUESTION: If a refinance (or cash) sale is the only offer your seller will consider, what can you, as the Realtor, do to generate an offer?

AN ANSWER: Lower the price, anything will sell if the price is low enough.

PROBLEMS: Your Seller: He/she does not want to give the property away.
Your Commission: The lower the sales price, the less you get Paid.

SOLUTIONS: Universal Acquisitions does not make loans. We buy Real Estate Contracts, Mortgages & Deeds of Trust. We pay cash, and we can fund our purchase of the contract simultaneously with the closing of your sale. Cash to your seller at closing. Call it creative financing if you wish; or, you could just call it making a sale and getting Paid.



Contractors & Developers - Close out those Homes Faster

Qualifying for conventional financing is getting increasingly stringent in today’s economy & marketplace. Prospective Buyers might be turned down for a loan, despite the fact they have good credit or good employment. For some reason or another they don't meet the conventional lenders' criteria. We can help. Our guidelines are different than that of conventional financing and most likely will pass underwriting, when other conventional lenders won’t…

Offer Owner Financing then Sell us the Mortgage Note through a Simultaneous Closing. You can easily sell those unsold homes faster and move on to your next development project….

Advertise that seller financing is available, with no points, and no qualifying. Then write up the contract, contact us, and we can work with you for a simultaneous closing that sells the mortgage note to us at the same time. Thus you make the Sale for cash but don't collect any payments, and the buyer gets the new property with no points, nor qualifying.



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Referrals & Finders

If you know of or if you would consider looking for any Owner Financed Mortgage Notes or Settlements; Universal Acquisitions would be more than happy to put you on our Finders or Commission Program.

Universal Acquisitions does not make loans nor originate mortgage notes. We buy existing Real Estate Contracts, Mortgages, Trust Deeds and Structured Payments Nationwide. Please give us a call if you have any questions or suggestions. I hope that we can work together in the near future  …

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Thanks for your consideration....Happy Hunting....

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